ProjectPlay Sports Youth Program

Pinckney Community Public Library will be handing out free youth sports activity kits, brought to you by the #ProjectPlay initiative, a collaborative project by the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan, the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation, and the Aspen Institute.

Call: (734) 878-3888 to ask about
equipment availability and schedules.

Having the opportunity to sample a variety of sports is important for your child for a number of reasons.

They can discover the joy of playing a new sport or learn to play a variety of sports, which will help them develop new athletic skills and, overtime, can help prevent injuries and the burnout that can come from playing just a single sport continuously.

Access to new and different sports equipment can be a barrier for many children.

That’s why Pinckney Community Library offers SportPort – a new equipment sharing pilot program that will provide free and accessible sports equipment for those kids in our community.

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